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Urine dip cards are not only one the fastest ways to perform an instant drug test, but also one of the most cost friendly options. See results in 2 minutes or less - the simple two-step process will allow you to quickly and accurately test for 5 drugs at once.


Our 5-panel instant drug testing urine dips offer 6 different configurations to meet any specific need. All urine dip products are FDA approved and CLIA waived - with a 99% accuracy rating, using an instant drug testing urine dip is a great way to receive the results you need without the cost or turnaround time of sending to laboratories.


MDOA-254 tests for the following drugs:

  1. Cocaine
  2. Marijuana
  3. Opiates
  4. Amphetamines
  5. Methamphetamines

5 Panel Drug Test Urine Dip Card

  • Configuration

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